Ranch Management Workshop

Ranch Management: Making a Profit in the Cattle Business for the Long Haul

The Four Keys to Better Plant, Animal, Soil,

And Financial Health


It is a great time to be in the cattle industry with unprecedented calf prices, good crops, & good grass. At the same time, now is the time to plan for the future to hedge against unforeseen change. Remember what happened to agriculture in the 70’s, the boom, and then the bust in the 80’? Remember the last drought? Now is the time to take advantage of these good times to prepare your livestock business for the lean times. What can a rancher do to take advantage of this opportunity? This will be a comprehensive workshop for pasture, range, & livestock management & the economics that affect your business!

The Tin Cup, Malta, MT

Thursday September 3, 2015

9:30am to 3:15pm


Matt Ricketts is the former Area Rangeland Management Specialist for South Central Montana and current Montana NRCS State Forester. With over 32 years of experience working with Montana ranchers & rangelands, & a proven track record of success, Matt will share how to increase your profitability for the long haul, decrease your weeds, & help weed & drought proof your range. Forage improvement & grazing options that work will be presented. Nutritional management & supplemental feeding programs will be discussed. What key plants & soils provide the needed protein & minerals (at no cost to you) to your livestock at critical times in the production cycle will also be discussed in order to improve your bottom line, as well as breeding livestock to fit the forage quality environment of Northern Montana. Photo documentation showing dramatic forage change for the better on ranches in Montana will be presented, & what the rancher’s did to achieve those results.

  SCHEDULE        9:30-9:40                              Introductions


9:40-9:50                              Making a Profit in the Cattle Business for the Long Haul


9:50-10:40                            Natural Laws of Grazing Management (implications to soil/plant health)                       

                                                 – Matt Ricketts, State Forester/former Area Rangeland Management Specialist, Bozeman

 10:40-11:00                                         BREAK

 11:00-11:45                         Four Keys to Better Plant, Animal, Soil, & Financial Health      

                                                  1.  Use more forage (includes top two profit tips; priority of nutrient allocation in animals; feed less, earn more).                                           


11:45-12:45                        LUNCH (on your own)

12:45-1:30                           Four Keys… continued

 2.  Use different forages (includes using forages that retain nutrients with less inputs). 

 1:30-1:45                              BREAK 

1:45-2:45                              Four Keys… continued

                                                3.  Produce more forage, more efficiently (ranch planning; grazing systems; fencing-where & when; range & pasture improvement).                                                                               

4.  Use forage more efficiently (includes plant nutritional values; animal nutrition; four physiological stages of a cow; forage value of rangeland by season; matching forage quality with livestock nutritional needs).  

2:45-3:00                              Nutritional Balance Analysis & Nutritional Monitoring   

3:00-3:15                              Questions & Answers – Wrap-up                     

Sponsored by the Phillips Conservation District


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