Local Work Group Meeting

You have been invited to participate in the Local Work Group meeting on May 14 from 9 to Noon @ the Phillips County Library basement and invited to submit any project ideas you have to help identify our priority resource concerns.

The purpose of the Project Idea Form is to gather information in preparation for developing the Long Range Plan for the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Phillips Conservation District to decide which natural resource concerns need the most attention in next few years, feel free to bring this form to Local Work Group Meeting, drop off at NRCS office or email this anytime—the sooner the better.

Please, think about your property which you know better than anyone, as well as what you see elsewhere around the county.

What natural resource concerns do you see?

What matters most to you?

What issues do you identify as high priority?


All this will be discussed at the next Local Work Group meeting.

Your participation is very important!

The decisions made by the Local Working Group will guide the direction of conservation efforts and program funding within Phillips County.

This is YOUR opportunity to influence what will be the focus of natural resource conservation in the coming years.



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