Hearing before the Board of Adjustment – In the Matter of American Prairie Reserve’s Petition for Variance from Phillips Conservation District Ordinance 2016-1

MALTA, Mont — The Phillips Conservation District Board of Adjustment will
convene at 9:00am on November 12, 2019 at the Malta City Hall Gym, 39 South 2nd
Street, Malta, MT. The primary purpose of the meeting is for the Board to hold a
hearing on American Prairie Reserve’s petition for a variance from the Phillips
Conservation District Ordinance 2016-1. The hearing is a contested case proceeding
overseen by a hearing examiner appointed by the Board and conducted pursuant to
§§ 2-4-601 through 2-4-631 and 76-15-724, MCA. Only parties to the proceeding
are entitled to appear and present evidence and testimony for consideration by the
Board and hearing examiner during the hearing. The hearing is open to the public.
A draft agenda is available at http://dnrc.mt.gov/public-interest/public-notices.


Click the links below for agenda/notice information.


BOA public notice_102119



BOA meeting agenda_111219

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