Who We Are

Who We Are:

Phillips Conservation District was originally created in 1949, under the name Malta-Milk River Soil Conservation District. The first Supervisors appointed to the Malta-Milk River Soil Conservation District were Leo Green of Wagner and Wallace Blue of Saco. In 1958, the District expanded to include all land in Phillips County except incorporated cities and towns. That same year, Malta-Milk River Soil Conservation District changed it’s name to Phillips Soil Conservation District. The District changed names again in 1961 to Phillips Soil and Water Conservation District and finally in 1972 to it’s current name, Phillips Conservation District (PCD). PCD once again expanded it’s boundaries in 1994 to include the towns of Saco, Malta and Dodson.

Elected Supervisors

Robert Breipohl,  Chairman (1986)

Matt Simonson, Vice-Chairman (1999)
William French (1957)
Pat Anderson (1999)
Paul Mortenson (2012)

Urban Supervisors

Merrilyn Black (1995)
Gary Knudsen (1999)

Associate Supervisors

Hal DeBoer (2010)

District Personnel
Jenifer Anderson, Administrator


Shilo Messerly, District Conservationist
Bryan Kindle, Resource Conservationist
Barry Southard, Soil Conservation Techninician
Shyla Jones, Farm Bill Assistant

Becky Ayre, Range Conservationist
Martin Townsend, MACD Range Conservationist (SGI)

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