Tree Orders


The Phillips Conservation District will be accepting orders for trees and shrubs for the 2023 spring planting season beginning in October of 2022.

In an effort to provide our customers with the most complete and up-to-date information available; the Phillips Conservation District (PCD) is providing interested individuals with website ordering information for the three Nurseries that supply our trees and shrubs.

Because the Nurseries have a minimum order requirement, it is advisable for individuals to continue to place their orders through the Conservation District. To place an order, please complete the attached tree order form and return it to the PCD/NRCS office along with your payment as soon as possible. A 50% shipping and handling fee is added to each order.

Lincoln Oakes Nursery information can be accessed at Conservation grade and 2-3’ trees must be ordered in bundles of 25, while 3’ and taller trees are sold in bundles of 10.

The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery can be found at by clicking on “inventory and price list,” or “catalog.” The State Nursery offers deciduous trees and shrubs in bundles of 50; bareroot and small container grown conifers in bundles of 25; and 100 containerized in lots of 8. You may order directly from the State Nursery using their online order form, or you may place your order with the Conservation District.

All of these websites provide plant selection information. Another excellent source of information is the “North Dakota Tree Handbook,” at

Orders will be accepted until April 1, 2023 but you are encouraged to place your order as soon as possible to guarantee species and size availability. Orders will not be placed until payment is received in the District office. You can expect the orders to be shipped the middle of April 2023.

If you prefer to receive hard copy ordering information or would like assistance in placing your order, please stop by the PCD/NRCS office in the USDA Building or phone us at 406-654-1334, ext 101. If you have an email address that you are willing to provide the District for future mailings, please include it on your order form or give us a call.


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